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Daemon communication

Daemons are beings of the mind. Therefore, most of the communication and interaction we have with our daemons occurs within our own heads -- whether as thought conversations, visualisation, or through other means.

"Talking" to a daemon

Sometimes, people who have daemons will refer to conversations they have had with their daemon, or otherwise speak of how they "talk" to their daemon.

However, talking to a daemon is not necessarily anything like talking to a physical person.

Most people talk to their daemons via thoughts, not spoken words. Some people do choose to sometimes speak out loud to their daemon, but this is not the norm -- after all, to anyone else it would appear as if they are talking to thin air!

For some people, conversations with their daemon are structured and coherent in a way similar to a spoken conversation; that is, they use words to convey their meaning. However, that is not the limit of what communication with a daemon can be!

Minds are, after all, very powerful -- and there is nothing limiting a daemon or their person to just what is possible to say out loud! Some daemons talk in images, or emotions, or pure concepts and ideas. Some daemons can communicate, in a single thought, an abstract or complex idea that would take many words to explain.


People with daemons often use projection as a way to communicate, and to have fun!

Projection refers to visualising your daemon in the world around you, as if they were physically there. The daemon appears in their person's "mind's eye" -- they do not appear as if they are tangibly there. Instead, they are imagined, similar to what you may "see" when immersed in reading a book.

Most often, when people refer to projection, they are referring to visual projection: projecting an image of their daemon out into the world.

However, there are other forms of projection too! For example, some people may project the sound of their daemon's footsteps, or the feeling of running their hand through their daemon's fur. Some people even project smells they associate with their daemon.

How vivid and consistent a person's projection of their daemon is is very varied, and depends primarily on imagination (for vividness) and attention span (for consistency). It's okay if your projection is vague, or inconsistent -- but there are also ways to improve on these things. In some ways projection is a skill, and it can be honed with time and effort.

Other ways

There are many ways to communicate with one's daemon; thought conversations and projection are just the most commonly discussed.

Some people enjoy to write down conversations between their daemon and themself. This can be especially good when a daemon is young and still finding their distinct voice -- and can also be good for posterity!

Some people make use of inner worlds (also called headspaces, or wonderlands) to interact with their daemons. Inner worlds are spaces that exist within one's mind; their complexity, and how exactly they work, depends on the individual.

Certainly there are more ways than just these, too! Really, it comes down to what works for each individual person and their daemon.