. A Newbie's Guide to Daemonism

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Most people who stumble across this site probably won't know what daemonism is -- it's quite an obscure practice! This site hopes to be an introduction to the subject, a place to collect personal writings, and a signpost to communities where you can discuss and continue to learn.

What is daemonism?

The story of daemonism begins with the novel series His Dark Materials. In the series, all humans have sapient animal companions that are intrinsically tied to them, and represent the individual's soul. Over 20 years ago, inspired by this concept, a community began to spring up -- a community of people with daemons of their own.

A practice in two parts

There are two different aspects to daemonism: the companionship aspect, and the form-finding aspect. Some people practice both; some, only one or the other!

The companionship aspect of daemonism focuses on finding, and forming a connection with, your daemon. What exactly a daemon is varies greatly between individuals, but they can be summed up broadly as being mental companions that are connected to their person on a deep and meaningful level.

If you'd like to learn more about the companionship aspect of daemonism, go here.

The form-finding aspect of daemonism is inspired by an idea presented in His Dark Materials -- that a daemon's form (the animal shape they assume) represents the nature of their person. Thus, form-finding involves finding an animal that represents who you are; and there are multiple different form-finding systems you can use as guidance in this.

If you want to learn more about form-finding, go here.